Beta Testing

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Become a beta tester!

Do you want to contribute to the development of EcoBIM add-ins?

Help us develop new versions of the EcoBIM add-ins! As a beta tester, you can participate in the development of our add-ins by testing preliminary versions and giving us your feedback.

The beta testing program is free and gives you exclusive access to future features.

If you would like to join our beta-testing program, please fill in the form below. Our team will contact you to get started.

Questions about the EcoBIM beta test program?


    Frequently asked questions

    The beta testing program allows engineers to try out features that are still under development.

    The feedback you provide on quality and usability helps us identify issues, resolve them and improve the add-ins.
    Please note that beta add-ins are versions that have not yet been released by EcoBIM. These versions may contain errors or lack stability. Before using the beta versions, please save your models or work with test models. We recommend that you avoid using the beta versions with your production models.

    EcoBIM cannot be held responsible if the test versions cause unwanted changes to your Revit models.

    When you sign up for the beta testing program, you will receive a link to a satisfaction survey that will allow you to give us feedback. This form will allow you to fill in your experience with the use of new features as well as capture any software issues you might encounter.

    After registering by filling out the form above, our team will contact you and provide you with a license that will give you access to the beta versions and their future updates.

    Our beta testing program is available to anyone with a version of Revit (2019 to 2023) with an active license.

    In addition, your computer must meet the specifications as described in the dedicated section .

    No. There ares no charges for the beta testing program or the add-ins you use as part of the program.

    Découvrir EcoBIM 2024 en action


    Les avantages de la solution EcoBIM 2024

    Gestion du projet

    L'add-in EcoBIM 2024, vous permet de définir les propriétés de votre projet

    Gestion des zones et des espaces

    Assignez vos espaces aux différentes zones de votre maquettes en toute facilité. Chaque zone peut gérer ses propres caractéristiques techniques.

    Gestion dynamique des affectations

    L'add-in EcoBIM 2024 vous permet de gérer dynamiquement l'affectation de vos locaux.

    Résultats dynamiques

    Calculez instantanément les grandeurs énergétiques de vos zones et espaces.


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